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Every home built is only as good as the design developed, materials used, and the craftsmanship used to put it all together. We are firm believers in getting what you pay for, and that is no different when you are talking about materials for your home.

Your new home, in its most rudimentary form, is a collection of materials put together in a way, which if performed correctly and according to design, can last for many, many  generations. Materials supplied for your home, not only need to be the best quality and components, but they need to be sized, engineered, and specified for your exact geographic location.  This takes into effect wind, seismic loads (earthquake areas), and temperature, as well as humidity levels and insects common to the build location.

This gets us into the area we love to talk about.  You don’t need to worry about those things with us.  We take care of all of these problems and more to ensure your home is built exactly as it should be, with as little frustration and as few unexpected events as possible. We worry about your home, so you don’t have to. This is what we do, and our goal is to keep everything as simple as possible, all while keeping you informed on progress, and up-to-date as the build progresses.

Our first steps after starting a construction project is to pull permits, and our last step is handing you the keys to your brand new home.  Simple!  Just the way it should be.

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Chris Sparks was born and raised in East Tennessee, and has over 20 years of experience in log home construction and design. He can be reached at 865-233-0846 or email @ Chris (at) Customtimberloghomes (dot) com

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