Sparks Construction is a premier residential and light commercial builder for East Tennessee and surrounding areas. Based out of Maryville, Tennessee, you will find our service to be of the highest quality.  Our goal is to set a standard that is simply unparalleled in today’s industry.

Building a custom home does not have to be a stressful experience.  We know our job from the inside out; and, we will help you, not only to understand everything that is occurring, but also to give you information on what to expect and prepare for in the future, as construction of the home continues.

Our goal here at Sparks Construction is to provide you with exactly what you want while providing you with service second to none.  Our staff of Superintendents and Craftsmen offers a
range of experience in all phases of the construction process.  We will turn your visions into the reality of your dream home while providing you with an exciting and fun experience.  Call now for a free quote and initial meeting!

Who we are and What we do:

Sparks Construction has developed a partnership with a number of designers and engineers, to provide our customers with specialized design and building models using specialized software. You will be able to sit with our design team and literally construct the home of your dreams, as the designer builds the structure piece by piece. This not only allows you to see the home as you would in real life, but also to see problems or issues typically overlooked until time of construction. This greatly reduces the number of errors and increases customer satisfaction as well. Once the design phase of your home is completed, you will be able to see a completely three-dimensional model, in which you will be able to see all angles of the home. This ensures that you are getting exactly what you want in your dream home.

  • Value Engineering

    We provide a systematic method to improve the value of goods by improving the function and reducing the cost.  We do this by keeping a close eye on the materials and the way they are implemented at the job site.

  • Design Build Construction

    We are a design-build company.  Design-build is often a method connected with project delivery where we function under one contract with all the project leaders to supply design in addition to construction solutions.  We take this approach both as a cost efficient solution, as well as a desire to allow our customers to see exactly what they will be getting before construction has started.

  • Complete Cost Estimating

    We take an approach to building and estimating that allows us to get fully detailed, and customized quotes before beginning construction.  One of the reasons we do what we do is, we believe in transparency and truth in advertising.  We don’t promise things that are impossible, and we feel this is what our customers deserve.  If we believe the proposed project is over the total budget allocated for construction, we are going to tell you the truth, and hopefully offer areas where the project can be modified to allow for your dream home to be completed.

  • Pre-Construction Estimates

    While we feel one of our best qualities is our detailed construction cost and analysis, we also know time is of the essence.  We have a preliminary cost delivered quickly, then once the “ball park” is accepted, this allows us to get detailed quotes and construction estimates to ensure your product is exactly what is expected.

  • Project Management

    No project is guaranteed to work well, even with the best available contractors, service and material, without a detail oriented manager.  We understand what is needed in order to make a project run smoothly, and this is exactly what we provide with our management system.  Nothing happens without oversight, and we believe positive leadership is one of the crucial aspects to any construction project.